Grey Bard (grey_bard) wrote in valabars,
Grey Bard

Fic: The Tiassa and the Dzur - A Dragaeran Fable

A ficlet for little Dragaerans that I posted to my livejournal a year ago, and then promptly forgot.

Once upon a time there was a very small tiassa, and the very small tiassa sang a very small song. He sang this little song as he toddled along and ate of the fruit of the purplesnap tree - which was really quite ordinary fruit despite the fact that he was a carnivore. The tiassa *was* a carnivore, as indeed all tiassas are, but he also liked a little something for dessert and so he was eating the fruit.

As he bumbled along, munching and singing, a large dzur popped out of the bushes and offered to eat him. "Oh, do not do that," said the little tiassa, "For I likewise am a carnivore, and in a way we are brothers in arms. It would be quite dishonorable for you to eat me, as if I were a common teckla."

The dzur bowed. "I am sorry, my brother. You are quite right. It is absurd for such as we to prey upon each other. Instead, should we not pay each other respect and give each other sport?"

"Indeed, this is so!" said the tiassa, who then asked - "Sport?"

"Indeed," said the dzur. "I have not had a worthy battle, for lo these many days! Arm yourself, brother, and have at you!"

And the tiassa readied himself as best he could, and put up a most satisfying fight. Definitively satisfying for the dzur, for the tiassa lost most handily, with just enough struggle for it to seem almost fair.

The tiassa, of course, was dead.
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