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We are allowed to post Dragaera fics here aren't we?

This...might not be the full story, I'm still not sure if I want to add more to this, or if it's finished. I'd appreciate advice, or any sort of review.

"This looks familiar." I didn't even try to hide my amusement. Morrolan had gone missing again, and I'd managed to use Lady Teldra to find him, the same way I'd used Spellbreaker last time. He was chained up again, his weapons in front of him, along with a bag of witchcraft gear this time. Wonder how the rest of the Dragonlords reacted to knowing that he carried something like that about? "Sorcery not working then? Again?" Except I could still feel my link to the Orb, so it had to have something to do with the chains this time. "This is getting to be a bit of a habit for you, isn't it?" I was deliberately goading him, but he refused to even look at me, after a single glance to confirm my identity, and it was getting worrying.

I'd packed some strips of leather in case I needed to do this again, and I brought them out and began to work them beneath the manacles to protect his wrists before I started to draw the heat out from them.

"Boss, this isn't working right. You need to stop."

I opened my eyes to a naked Dragonlord, who'd shifted to hide his groin, spitting a strangely shaped piece of black metal from his mouth. Morrolan still wouldn't look at me, which was getting annoying...and was he blushing?

I followed his gaze and quickly realise why - a pile of oil bottles and other things that had to be sex toys had appeared.

"Had I been able to speak I would have informed you that these manacles are proof not only against sorcery but also against your witchcraft. That affair with the Jenoine, and their efforts to gain control of the Lesser Sea of Chaos had prompted me to resume carrying the equipment for it, but my efforts were unsuccessful."

No surprise. He'd never managed to pull that particular spell off, even though he insisted that I teach it to him. It was another piece of evidence that I was a better witch than he was, but I wouldn't insult him by reminding him how little his inability to deal with the spelled manacles himself proved. Besides, there was always the possibility that the only way to make it work was to have been taught the spell by a goddess.

"I believe that there is a note in with those objects. It appeared first, and then the oils." I wasn't sure I wanted to know what the other things were. I still had to root about in the pile of restraints, clamps and tiny knives to get to the note. No, the two notes, one addressed to me, one to Morrolan, in a strange, but vaguely feminine hand. And it only occurred to me then that I could have asked him to do the rooting through the pile of sickening toys. I gave his to the Dragonlord before I opened my own.

'Desire is fettered

'As heart's truth remains unknown

'Desire and heart chained

'To free heart's truth and desire

'Speak it and know each other


"What the fuck does that mean?" Morrolan seemed to be blushing even more as he read his own note. I didn't even have to ask, he handed it over to me, eyes fixed on the ground, uncharacteristically silent, and he didn't seem to notice when I offered him mine. The first part of it was the same weird poem as in my note, but the rest was more explicit.

'If you got this note Vlad returns your interest. Freedom through submission.'

"What does that mean?" My words just seemed to make him more embarrassed and determined to keep silent, studying the floor with even greater intensity. "Well?"

"I am seeking to determine whether it would be more shaming to inform you of what I believe is required, or to ask you to get Arra, allowing her to see me in this condition, in the hopes that she will be able to free me."

I crouched beside him, reaching out to touch his arm. "I'm stuck here too. The gate here closed, and Aliera couldn't get your location with Pathfinder, I don't think she'll be able to get mine either, even if she tries."

Morrolan raised his head to look at me as he spoke. "Why would she? You've never been shy about asking for help when you really needed it. But..." He swallowed uncomfortably and looked back to the floor. "I have a crush on you. It has existed for some time, but grown much stronger recently."

"A crush? Why? And what's that got to do with it?"

"I think it started in the Paths of the Dead, when you almost killed yourself getting me out. reciprocate," He was pretty I guess, and he was a friend, a very close friend. "else I would not have received this message."

"It doesn't matter." And even if I did find Morrolan vaguely desirable I knew myself well enough to know it would feel like bestiality. "There's the little issue of our differences in size. We're not exactly compatible."

"We are if you take me, rather than the other way." He looked up at me through a curtain of hair, shrugging. "My earliest sexual experiences were with Easterner men. And...are you aware that some people obtain sexual pleasure from being dominated?"

"Are you saying that you..." He moved, and I shut up when I saw how aroused - not to mention huge - he was. "I've never been with a man." Fair warning, he deserved it.

"Then, might I prepare myself for you?"

"Go ahead." He sorted through that pile, and picked out a bottle of oil, and something covered in leather. "What's that?"

"It's called a butt plug, it's so that I'll stay stretched until you are ready to take me." Then he began putting on a show of preparing himself, and even if it shouldn't have aroused me, it did, not enough, but a bit. But...I was sure he was being far rougher with himself than he should have been, some of the noises he made sounded like pain, especially when he pushed the butt plug inside himself. If he liked being dominated I should take charge at some point shouldn't I?

"Undress me, slowly." A small gasp escaped him, and he quickly began to obey, kissing every inch of my skin as he revealed it, ending up kneeling in front of me, but it wasn't enough, I was still only half hard. I grabbed his hair, pulling him to my groin. "Suck."

He didn't just suck me, he devoured me, and I hoped that just coming in his mouth would be enough. A mouth feels the same if it's male or female, Easterner or Dragaeran. But he was still chained when I opened my eyes after I'd come.

"You're good at that." I shouldn't have been surprised I guess, not if Morrolan liked men, and liked being topped, but I was. "What am I supposed to do now?" I was still trying not to think about what I was doing. Morrolan was attractive I realised that, even if men didn't do it for me normally, but he wasn't human. But he was a friend, and I owed him enough that I had to help him, and this wasn't going to be too unpleasant.

He lay back as he spoke. "Explore my body however you wish Vlad, I can hardly object - not that I would wish to." I decided to take him at his word, roughly running my hands over his ribs, planning to hurt him. The sound he made then was more pleasure than pain, he had said he wanted it rough I remembered. I kissed him to smother the sounds he made, but he didn't exactly kiss me back, he just opened his mouth and let me ravage it as I chose. I reached up his chest to begin playing with his nipples, pinching and twisting them gently, until I felt his hips bucking almost uncontrollably against me and I realised he was going to come just from that and my kiss.

I backed off, ignoring his moan of loss and the way he strained towards me.

"Is there anything here that will keep you from coming until I'm inside you?" I waved a hand at the pile of things to one side. He blinked at that, then twisted to his knees and began going through the pile, finally pulling out a metal ring.

"If you fasten this at the base of my penis it will prevent my climax. There is a quick release catch..." He briefly examined the ring, before finding it, "here." I wondered where he got his experience with these things as I fastened it around him, but I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to know. I wasn't going to touch most of the things in the pile, but there was a blindfold, and I'd played about with that with Cawti.

"Shut your eyes." That way I knew I wouldn't hurt them when I used the blindfold. "Good, now suck me again." He didn't seem to have any difficulty finding me, wrapping his mouth around me, bracing himself with a hand on my hip and one on the floor. Periodically he would pull back, and run his hair over my penis, the difference in sensation so very tantalising in a way I'd never experienced before.

"Stop, and lie down." I wanted to be inside him when I came again - and I wasn't going to come first, not under the circumstances. He obeyed instantly, and I really looked at him, bracing myself for what I planned to do next. The lack of hair on his body made him seem strangely young, but his size was another matter. I moved him until his arms were held above his head, so he wouldn't be able to interfere, then I knelt and began to take him into my mouth. Not very much, but I wrapped my hands about the lower part of his penis and stroked. He tasted clean, slightly salty, and responded with wordless moans, even when I teasingly grazed him with my teeth. I hate that, but he loved it, and his moans turned to pleas swiftly.

He let me manhandle him over onto his stomach, then up to his knees again, and I pulled the butt plug he was wearing out of him then simply plunged into him. I was sure it had to hurt, but I just didn't know what else I could do to make it easier on him. When I reached under him to remove the ring he was harder than ever, and he came after just a few thrusts.

I always shut my eyes when I come, and this time was no exception - why should it be? When I opened them the chains binding Morrolan were gone, and there were designs tattooed on his skin, all over, except for his face, hands and feet, some I didn't know anything about, but some looked far too much like the runes I sometimes used in witchcraft for my taste.

"Do those mean something?" They had to the way he looked at them when I pulled the blindfold off.

"Yes, they do, is it your wish to hear of what they mean for me first, or of what they mean for you?" He still wouldn't look at me, I couldn't tell why not.

"You first."

"On the positive side, I can no longer have any claim to the position of Dragon Heir," Only a Dragon would consider that positive, not one of them would ever want the responsibility of being Emperor, they preferred the 'fun' job of being Warlord. "under any circumstances, but should you permit it I can still become Warlord, and it would be encouraged. The price for this is that I belong to you, in every way. As does all that is-was mine." He what? He'd slumped to keep his head and entire body below the level of my shoulders, but I hadn't noticed it because of the way he was sprawled on the floor. Suddenly I had a hand in his hair, wrenching his head up until he met my eyes, and he was letting me.

"What do you mean?"

"This, it is near legend. But they mean that I am your property, that part is clear, it has even been written into law, no matter that the last time it was invoked like this was the Thirteenth Jhereg reign. There are some disagreements over what it is that qualified you for this, but no one will question your right to it. And Jhereg House must now remove that contract they have on you." I liked that, but what was he talking about, what qualification?

"Make this simple for the dumb Easterner."

"You own me, and everything that I owned when you claimed me as well. The last time this happened was thousands of years ago. It could be merely because you created, or recreated, Godslayer, a Great Weapon, or because you killed one of the Jenoine, or because you will at some point become a god. Whatever the reason, I can do nothing without your permission, and you will live at least as long as I do, more likely longer. When, if I am reincarnated it is said I will wear these tattoos as birthmarks, but I do not know if that is truth or just a myth."

"Killing a Jenoine, hasn't anyone else done that?" Stupid question, if Aliera e'Kieron, Sethra Lavode and the Demon Goddess Verra hadn't managed to kill a Jenoine together...but I had, and it made my blood run cold.

"Other than perhaps Sethra Lavode, who is undead, and near godly status herself working with the Necromancer, a demon sent to aid Sethra at the beginning of Zerika's reign, because she was near as good as many gods at magic, and lacks ambition, and others on a par with the gods themselves? No. It is said that Baroness Tazenda bested a Jenoine in single combat, temporarily, but that she died in the doing of it."

I let go of his hair, and he bowed his head immediately, as if in shame. Or humility - from one of the most arrogant men I knew. Did he act like this when he was alone with people who outranked him, or was this just for me? I stood. I had gotten dressed again before I realised I'd have to help him up, or he'd just stay there on the floor until I told him to move.

"Get up. Any chance of you getting your clothes back?" I felt sorcery in my bones when I spoke, and there was a pile of black cloth on the floor.

"They are not my clothes, my liege, but they are what I should wear when you inform the Empress of my change in status."

"Get dressed, and get your stuff. Tell me you can get us out of here?" If he couldn't we were in deep shit.

He wrapped a length of cotton around his hips and pulled on a gauzy robe before he replied, never looking up.

"It was only the chains that kept me from working sorcery here, my liege. If you will but grant me a moment..." He used Blackwand as his wizard's staff to open a Gate, and waited for me to walk through it first. As I did I realised that I was aware of him the exact same way I was always aware of Loiosh when I went through a Gate, and I was aware of Loiosh too of course.

We were in his bedchamber. I turned to him, but I didn't have to say anything, he spoke before I could.

"I had thought that we could establish what you wish of me, and I could change into something else if you find this so displeasing, before we saw any others." He was hinting that he would only wear what I wanted him to, and I wasn't sure what else he was hinting at, or that I wanted to know.

"Wear whatever you want, as long as it covers you decently." He immediately began stripping, head still bowed, keeping his eyes averted from me. I'd fucked him, I could look at him while he got changed. The tunic he chose would expose at least some of the tattoos, it looked like he wanted people to know about this. "What did you mean?"

"Which of the positions I held until you claimed me do you wish me to retain? And what would you have of me?"

"I'm not going to take any of your positions away from you, keep them. You know more about this than I do, what's usually done? And how does this change things?" I took the nearest seat to wait for his answer.

"Firstly, you are no longer a Jhereg, instead, depending on what you and the Empress decide you either are Phoenix, in which case you will be expected to sire children on her, or transcend the Houses. In either case you outrank anyone save the Empress, and you will be offered the option of becoming of each House as it receives the Orb."

"I'm expected to fuck the Empress? So, this thing between us, it doesn't have to be exclusive." I knew that there would be a permanent relationship of some sort.

"Should she choose to invite you into the House of Phoenix, and you accept it." Somehow he'd come to kneel at my feet as he spoke, still looking at the floor. "And while you are not expected to remain faithful to me there will be speculation as to how I have failed you should you choose not to sleep here when it does not inconvenience you. Naturally I can no longer respond in that way to any other save yourself, my liege. And my first loyalty is to you, of course."

"Why of course? And look at me, won't you? You don't normally act like this, is it something these things are doing to you?"

"In a way, yes. They brought out the parts of my personality that will make it easier for me to accept you as my master in all ways, and added in whatever was needed to make me content to be yours first and aught else only should you grant your approval." Morrolan had finally looked at my face, and he shrugged as he spoke.

"That's wrong! You can't think of any way to get out of this?"

"No my liege, I cannot, nor do I desire to in all truth."

"We're going to see Sethra now. If anyone knows how to get out of this she will."

"As you wish. But..." He trailed off, looking down at the floor, then back up at me, in embarrassment or something.

"But what?"

"As I stated earlier, I am submissive. And it has been a very long time since I have had someone I trust enough to do this with. Did I in some way displease you that you do not wish to continue a relationship with me?"

Shit! He sounded almost broken by the idea. Was that something the tattoos did, or just something they enhanced? I pulled him up into my lap for a hug, awkward, but doable, barely.

"We can still be in a relationship without those things, if you still want it." The idea seemed to comfort him. I wasn't rejecting Morrolan, just this idea he had that he was my slave, and it was right.

"These 'things' as you put it are the key to getting the Jhereg to drop their contract on you."

"It's not worth hurting a friend."

"But you won't be hurting me, my liege." Time to put some of that authority he claimed I had to use.

"Enough of this. We're going to visit Sethra Lavode. If she says there's no way out of this then I'll accept it, but only then."

"Yes, my liege." He got up then, slowly, looking at me for approval. I contacted Sethra psychically, she laughed at me, but she agreed to look at Morrolan.

"Handle the teleport would you?" He was better than that than I was. Sethra seemed to be waiting for us when we arrived, and she laughed even more when she saw Morrolan's tattoos.

"What do you expect me to do Vlad? I'm powerful, but not that powerful."

"There's nothing you can do about those cursed things?" There went my only hope to free Morrolan.

"Morrolan, do you want to be free?"

"No, I do not. But my liege seems to wish it, so..." I could feel him shrug, and I hated him for a moment, for accepting this so easily.

"Come and sit down. Let me explain this to you." She sounded almost patronising, but I needed to know. Morrolan didn't sit on a chair himself, he decided to kneel at my feet, leaning against my legs.

"Morrolan, I know this is an intrusive question, but are you sexually submissive?"

"Of course I am." He said it as if it should have been obvious.

"Vlad, would you have any issues with dominating Morrolan if the tattoos weren't affecting him?"

"It's not something I thought of before, but I enjoyed it." I knew I was blushing, but Sethra seemed to want, or need honesty.

"Morrolan, to confirm, you were submissive before this happened?"

"Yes, the extent varied, depending on how much I trusted the person I was with, but I was always submissive sexually. It tended to confuse any of my lovers who were Dragons."

"And how submissive would you have been with Vlad under normal circumstances?"

"Totally inside the bedroom, but equals outside. It doesn't matter now." I didn't realise that my hand had fallen to stroke his hair as we were talking, not until he began to purr. I wanted to snatch it back, but I intercepted the knowing look Sethra was giving me, and it seemed to be making him feel better.

"Morrolan, I will do whatever I can to make that possible. I wouldn't mind that too much, I think I'd enjoy it in fact." I'd never gotten it from Cawti, but it sounded fun, and if he would enjoy being dominated like that...

"You seem to have come to terms with this, but you need to understand, the only reason a new soul would be submissive is if he was always destined for this, or something similar. Such as becoming Verra's consort in a more long-term sense than Adron was." Morrolan had once claimed that Verra was his soulmate, or so I'd heard.

"Will she be pissed about losing him then?" That was something I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but...

"I'm not sure. How did you learn that you needed to bed him?"

"Morrolan interpreted the notes that appeared when I tried using the spell Verra taught me to free him." She didn't have to ask, I was already getting the notes out and handed them to her, I'd tucked them into my belt purse when I'd agreed to fuck Morrolan and never bothered taking them out. I was making her laugh a lot today.

"Verra wrote these notes. She won't be upset."

"Right. Morrolan, you get to explain this to Aliera."
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