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'Scuse my French.

(Coded two more stories...)

I had thought that I covered with pinch-hits at the very least all of those people who didn't drop out. I knew there were some holes, but I thought they were holes I didn't have to fill. You know, "So and so doesn't need a story, she defaulted on me."

But I have one that's in my checklist as "heard from" but not "turned in," that's for somebody who did write and does need a story. This represents something of a problem to me.

Poll, with the understanding that the person the story's for (and I'm not saying who, that would suck) probably gets the biggest influence.

What should I do?

Write the request myself (probably adds another week or two onto the wait)
Get someone else to pinch-hit (no idea how long this would add to the wait. Pinch-hitter would have to offer to fill it fast and understand I would NOT wait for them if they went past the agreed-upon deadline, no really, I mean it this time)
Finish the archive, post everything I have, never mind that somebody doesn't have a story. They'll get to read everyone else's.
Hire a hit on the defaulter unless they manage to come through.

Also emailing the (alleged) defaulter, because it's also entirely possible I just *lost* the file. Man, will my face be red if that's the case.

If you'd like to volunteer to pinch-hit, speak now. It might actually turn out to be a "finish as fast as you can, if I finish the archive first then the archive will go live without it but we can put it up later" thing.

*grumbles at disorganization*
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